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What is the benefit of reciprocal link exchange?

It’s been proven over the years that reciprocal exchange serves as a reliable instrument to improve the link popularity of the site, to improve its position in major search engines, and ultimately to drive more good traffic to it. To ensure that the link exchange is beneficial to both parties certain rules has to be followed. At the very least: links are exchanged only with good quality content and authoritative websites and those links are reciprocal. Therefore we have implemented a mechanism allowing automating and expediting link exchange process.

Aside from the fact that back links from quality and related websites spawn web traffic, most importantly they enhance the search engines ranking of your site. The process of locating relevant sites, effectively communicating your intents with webmaster or webmistress and finally exchanging the links successfully can be not only time consuming but frustrating at times. I’m sure you’ve come across requests from individuals that simply practice some unfair SEO strategies for short term gains. Live and learn.

What should you know about link exchange services offered by professionals?

If you decide to engage an SEO expert or a company to handle links swapping task for you, you better make sure to do the due diligence before you hire anyone, be thorough in checking their background and references. I’ve learned this the hard way by jumping on a seemingly good deal offered for cheap by one of the offshore companies. So, what are the risks besides not getting the best bang for the buck? Well, there a quite a few. First, they can hurt or ruin your, already established brand name by leaving negative impressions all over the World Wide Web. Eventually, you might even get blacklisted if the search engine marketing gurus you hired utilize some black hat techniques. Second, they tend to lean toward quantity and not quality by targeting back links from link farms, free directories with no reputation or otherwise worthless places.

If the price quoted for the SE optimization project is seems to be unreasonably low it usually means that is too low.  Essentially, you’re going to get what you pay for.  This seems to be a case in lots of project outsourced oversees to companies who run “IT sweat shops” where people don’t have the elementary knowledge of the subject matter, not to mention their English. Example:  Upon completion of an SEO project we were checking some posts created on some of the social media sites by the “SE specialist” hired. To our amazement, they have created a few marketing blurbs about our company on their own, and disseminated them all over the social media places. The problem was that some of the sentences didn’t make any sense and talk about spelling error and grammatical mistakes…? We had to take them down immediately for corrections, but what about those that we didn’t capture in time?  Not good for company’s image.

How about 3 Way or Triangular Link Exchanges?

Though proven and effective the reciprocal link exchange schemes have some shortcoming, as the search engines can easily detect that the websites we link to, link right back to us and if this practice is abused by increased number of incoming links, you might potentially face penalty by a search engine! To avoid this problem, a new solution came to existence in recent years. Now, webmasters tend to utilize the so called Triangular or one-way link exchange. Under this scheme, the website you are linking to does not link back direcly. Instead, a third website participates in the exchange and gives a link to your site. Such a scheme disguises your efforts to improve your link popularity from search engines, because even temporary and unexpected rises in incoming and outgoing links do not necessarily correlate.

There is one difficulty about the triangular link exchange - you must have at least two websites to invite people to it. Or, if you still have just one site, you will have to find partners with at least two websites so that at least three different websites participate. But this will pay off soon, as pure incoming non-reciprocal links are rated much higher, especially if they come from quality sites, making your website immediately improve in SE listings.

To increase the link popularity of this website and potentially increasing web traffic to it we are constantly looking for triangular (3 way) link exchanges with good quality sites that are related to the computer industry and/or technology. In case you didn’t know the three-way or triangular link swapping is much more popular, effective and beneficial than reciprocal link exchange, as all participating sites benefit from it.  

Ongoing Link Popularity Building

It’s advisable that you search, find, evaluate and contact prospective relevant quality link partners with the objective of establishing about 15-20 new links each month. This pertains to brand new websites and those that have never had backlinks built in the past. If you’re site happens to be in more competitive market or if your goal is to boost your rankings in the search results quicker you can add more links, although we do not advise adding more than 35 new links a month, as it might raise some red flags.

If you have a related website and you would be interested in exchanging links with Kontech, just drop us a line. Only computer related websites with quality content will be considered for link exchanges. Your "links" or "resources" page has to be readily accessible from your home page. Requests from "so called" SEO experts and companies, espacially those sent from free email account such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. will most likely be ignored, as we get just too many of them.

We are interested in trading links with web sites that fall into the following categories:

  • Computer support, network support resources
  • Data backup and recovery solutions, remote backup
  • Telecommunications, Voice over IP resources
  • Remote access and desktop control software
  • Network cabling, structured cabling, network infrastructure installation
  • Computer reseller resources, computer, laptop sales
  • Internet marketing, search engine optimization and placement
  • Home business resources
  • Internet technologies
  • E-commerce resources
  • Web development, web design


We reserve the right to disapprove and remove links to inappropriate or questionable content and/or pages of websites that are not related to the computer industry and technology filed, as they carry minimal or no value to this site and consequently may negatively impact its rankings.

Please use the form below to add a link to our website. Below is our linking code, which we expect to see in its entirety on your website in order to retain your link on this page.

Note: The links in this area will let you leave our web site. The linked websites are not under our control and we are not responsible in any way for the contents of any linked site or any changes or updates to such sites. We provide these links to you only as an informational tool and inclusions of any link does not imply our endorsement of the site. 


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Google PageRank: 6/10 

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Download unique free PHP scripts for your website!

Google PageRank: 3/10 

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Laptop and Notebook replacement part for Acer, Alienware, Averatec, Clevo, Compaq/HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, IBM/Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba

Google PageRank: 2/10 

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